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Ways Caregivers Can Celebrate our Asian heritage with Asian Seniors
The Importance of independent voices for Asian Seniors

With summer revival in full swing in the British Columbia, Asian seniors who are attacked violently may not have resources to deal with the hate.  It may also be the case that there are Asian seniors who will be limited in their ability to participate in activities due to injuries, finance, illness, or mobility issues.

Home caregivers can assist by offering ways Asian seniors can celebrate our BC Dumpling Festival within the comfort of their own homes and physical abilities.  Below are seven ways caregivers can help bring a little love and joy to the Asian seniors who are in their care:

  1. Watch the news together.  If it is physically possible, home caregivers can assist the seniors with transportation to and from the festivities.  Other alternatives include watching the media events on television or online.  Caregivers can also help the seniors find photos and videos on social media.

  2. Host a Dumplings party.  Golden On On restaurant is featuring group karaoke for Asian families.  Asian families love gathering.  Asian seniors love to get together!  Facilitating a gathering of a few friends is a good way to bring the party indoors at a convenient time for your loved ones.  Seniors and Caregivers can help shop for decorations, arrange food and beverages together.  Sometimes the action of making a guest list will stimulate conversations and story telling as you monitor the festivities.

  3. Share your story.  It’s 2022.  Asian quiet and silence can be paired with their beautiful voices.  "Asian Seniors whispers to Purple Panda bamboo forest"  activities may empower seniors to engage and share their stories of activism and resilience.  This sentiment helps home caregivers converse with seniors in their care.  If they would like to share their stories.  At their pleasure, the stories can be recorded, written down, or shared among friends or even published.

  4. Host dress up parties!  Events for Asians such as the Hanfu event at Vancouver's Sun Yat Sen Garden.  Sometimes, getting a little dressed up in an Asian theme is all that’s needed to get into the spirit of the festivities.

  5. Try different Asian foods.  The BC Dumpling Festival is a great community event that will bring cultures from all of Asia.  Ask the Asian seniors what they consider to be Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese and Asian Canadian apparel and help by purchasing accessories and clothing.  Caregivers can participate by dressing up in colorful traditional Asian or modern colors.

  6. Asians can be each others allies.  When it comes to home care services, what counts the most for any senior is knowing that their caregivers are their allies.  When seniors are told by the Directors of Care that they are not allowed to have their friend be present during a meeting regarding physical harm to a senior, the senior caregiver may feel discriminated in a nursing home or assisted care facility.  Senior Home caregivers also need a sense of security and safety by providing seniors the dignity to age within the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

  7. A small food treat or even just some kind words can make a big difference in helping Asian seniors celebrate Asian festivals.

The Importance of independent voices for Asian Seniors

Given the requirements that come with Asian seniors care, a home care agency that is Asian care certified may be seen to rise above and beyond with its caregiving services and policies. This makes Family council care givers qualified to serve the senior population, as we are connected directly to the resident or home care senior. We are also friends and advocates of the seniors and are not associated with the management or the directors of the home.

We even go one step further by requesting that all of our province recognize the rights of all seniors not just Asian seniors to have the right to establish independent family councils. Many Asian Family councils are experienced group of caregivers who have been there through the process of advocating for care. It is important not to abandon seniors independence by forcing senior groups of family councils to be run by the directors and managers of care homes in BC.

Introduction to making "bao" dumplings with friends - to raise awareness of anti-Asian attacks whose victims who are seniors and their caregivers support needs.
Participants share messages in English, French, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin and Cantonese

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The Jiaozi.com food booth was at the BC Dumpling Festival on August 13, 2022 from 11am to 8pm at Town Centre Park, Coquitlam, B.C.

Go to www.BCdumplingFest.com for details of this gala food sampler of all sorts of dumplings.

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    bc.ctvnews.ca /b-c-s-first-dumpling-festival-bridges-cultures-through-food-1.6025855


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  • His Story: anti-Asian attack

  • Jiaozi.com Volunteers at B.C. Dumpling Festival